Fresh botanics


The ‘Fresh Botanics’ range of fabrics and wallpapers seeks to take a new approach to traditional textile design. The designs have been created entirely through the use of stencils and spray paint. These industrial masculine processes have found fresh insights into the creation of beautiful botanical textile designs.


Inspiration is drawn from Australian plants and the seemingly odd shapes and patterns that make our native fauna so distinctive. Many of these patterns appear random however they all serve a purpose or are the result of the plants growth. This is reflected in the creative process; when working with stencils you never truly know how the artwork will look until you begin spraying. This process of continual discovery has yielded unexpected results and ‘Random Patterns’.


The range is intended for interiors and wallpapers and is readily transferable to the preferred production method of traditional screen-printing, due to its similarities with stencilling, thus maintaining the feel and intent of the original designs.


For pricing and availability please contact Jon Mullens.